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Study on the Depth of Light Box Fabric Industry

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Light box cloth is a new environmental protection material. The light box cloth is composed of PVC material and mesh. Because of its good flexibility, uniform light transmission, long service life, easy separation and installation, and good inking performance, the product is mainly used as outdoor advertising material for large-scale advertising. In recent years, the light box fabric industry has developed rapidly in China, and has also made good achievements in the international market. At present, China's light box fabric industry plays an important role in the world in terms of production capacity, output and market competitiveness.

The soft film ceiling industry is in a period of rapid development. China's light box fabric industry is developing rapidly, with rapid expansion of production capacity, and many manufacturers have entered the industry. Against this background, and in consideration of human cost, some old light box cloth manufacturers in Europe, America and even South Korea have reduced or stopped production. Therefore, China has also welcomed the opportunity through years of rapid development. As of 2014, about 67% of the global light box fabric industry's production capacity was concentrated in China. Europe, represented by Germany, accounted for 11% of the global production capacity. South Korea ranked third with 10% of the total production capacity, and other production places accounted for 12% of the total production capacity.

According to the trend that manufacturers of light box cloth concentrate in Europe, America and other countries, and the number increases year by year, the market share of this kind of products still has a good performance.

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